Going to college was easy, but stepping into the real world has been challenging. After graduation, I worked two jobs, but soon realized that I forgot to pursue my true passion: humanitarian aid. To compensate, I began reading books about international development, taking free online classes in multiple disciples (thank you Coursera and edX), and of course following up on blogs. However, I was missing something: actual meaningful and systematic work in the field. Truth be told, I’m not there yet. Actually, I’m lost. Lost in in understanding the aid industry,  lost in all the debates about international development, and lost in the multitude of resources, and innovative projects of all the actors in the aid industry. So, in order to get more clarity I decided to blog.

This is mainly an online journal for me,  a lost student trying to figure it out. Its my hope that making a commitment to blogging, will help me and others into engaging in thoughtful dialogue about what it means to be a working in international development, and will also provide a road map into trying to figure it all out. I welcome constructive criticism, and apologize before hand if my blog posts are rudimentary and poorly written, remember I’m lost!


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