Must read now!

Truth be told, I lived around poverty. I did not experience first hand, but just witnessed it around me. Naturally, from an early age that sparked my interest in why some people lived in poverty while others did not. Many events and life experiences later, I’m here now, trying to answer my childhood question. A simple question with a very complex answer, so in order to get a better understanding of what exactly my question implies, I read – a lot! Currently, in my hands, its the book of Jared Diamond “Guns, Germs, and Steel“. I intent to write more about the book once done reading it. Until then,
a short list of what experienced bloggers consider must read books for an aspiring worker in international aid:

Well, I have my own list which hopefully I’ll write more about in a future post. Always looking to add more books to my list, let me know what other books are worth the time.