Read, Write, Get a Job

I was fresh out of school, with 0 desire to look for a job or even worry about this little aspect of my life. Weeks later, when I got the excitement of graduation out of my system, I  was lucky enough to land an internship with a sub-agency of UNITAR.   It was during my time there when I realized that my college education was insufficient and unreliable. Two years later, here are some personal notes:

  • READ  – the more I dive into international development and humanitarian aid issues, the more I realize that reading is essential. Knowledge is power, and if you don’t know where to start, check-out my first blog post here.
  • Write – I soon realized that I had limited vocabulary in international affairs, my writing habits were tailored for more academic purposes.  Hence, the blog. A way for me to write without sounding boring and completely detached from real events.
  • Volunteer / Intern – My best advice, get an internship while in school, and be the best at it !!!  Many organization fill in the job rooster by looking first at the people committed to the organization, that being the interns and volunteers.
  • Find your passion in this broad fied of international development. This is actually my weakness, this is why I’m lost. The field of international development is so complex,  having a specialty is a must! I have a passion for orphans,  refugees , women empowerment, international relief and disaster management. Ideally, I would love to work in all these areas.  So, more power to you if you discovered your niche and passion. I for one, still lost in aid 🙂

I found some articles and blog posts to be very useful in the quest for discovering the ideal job in the field:

This is not  an exhaustive list, looking forward for advices of how to find my path in humanitarian aid 🙂